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by B. Elisabeth Davis

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Image: Greg Rakozy

Imagine the existence of sounds around you that have been present since the dawn of time, yet you remain unaware of them. Personally, I am intrigued by the potential messages these sounds may hold. Scientifically proven, our Earth has valuable insights beneficial for all living beings.


It is crucial to heed the message(s) of Planet Earth to fully embrace the gifts it offers. How can we tune in to 'listen'?


Listening to the Earth involves aligning with life and embracing a higher and deeper connection beyond ourselves. This connection is creative, harmonious, and sacred, inviting all life forms to immerse in its profound wisdom and possibilities. Through mindfulness and intentionality, we can engage in various practices like climbing trees, strolling in forests, gardening, petting animals, or simply walking barefoot on soil. Listening involves not just our ears but also our legs and feet.


By tuning in to the Earth's heartbeat and frequency, we open ourselves to receive messages of abundance, promoting life-affirming revelations, spiritual insights, discernment, and intuition.


This unity with Earth's Alpha Waves brings tranquility and unleashes a plethoric surge of creativity. A creativity hidden deep beneath concious awareness begin to resurrect in our hearts.  Aligned with the Earth's vibration, we evolve empathically, responding to its heartbeat and message with a sense of justice.  


Despite the distractions of the modern world, embracing an authentic life leads to a spiritual journey and a profound connection with a higher power. This connection is believed to be intertwined with the origins of life itself.


The Earth's electromagnetic field, particularly the 7.83 Hz frequency known as the 'Schumann Resonance,’was mathematically prognosticated by the renown physicist Dr Winifried Otto Schumann.  Remarkably, electroencephalographic testing reveals this 7.83 Hz is also the human brain’s alpha frequency. This connection is not only beneficial to us, but also to Planet Earth.  


‘Schumann Resonance’ plays a vital role in safeguarding all life forms. Synchronising with this frequency enhances learning abilities, memory, cognitive functions, balance, stress tolerance, and resilience against external influences like mind control and jet lag.


Tapping into Earth's magnetic frequency offers immense benefits.  This phenomenon paves the way for societal transformation. Justice and compassion reach new heights within our spheres of influence, serving and safeguarding all life on Earth, including the planet itself.


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